Types of chef hats in the market

Everyone at some point or in some situation has stayed in the hotel or restaurants. In that case, are you stayed in those high-end quality restaurants, if yes then probably you have experienced a good and hygienic environment even when you are out of your place? While staying in those high-end hotels do you have noticed those chefs in the hotel wearing the hats, the reason behind wearing the hats is to ensure their customer’s health and to provide a hygienic environment. It is not that one style hat, there are different types of chef hats in the market, get to know those hats with the help of the below content.


The toque is the kind of hats which is used by the chefs you can see them in the kitchens of the hotel. Usually, the color of the toque is white but now you can pick get the variety of colors in the toque so based on your wish of an individual it can be picked. Generally, they are made of oft and firmer material, but you can also find them in disposable paper and fabric materials.


skull capsThe toque is the most traditional chef hat but now there are certain types available in it as a beanie. The beanie can be worn by any of the chefs other than the main chef. Commonly they are available in black, white, and some shades of colors.

Skull caps

Now skull caps are most preferred in the kitchens because they help the chef in cooling their head even though they are standing in front of the stove. It comes with elastic and ties options. These skullcaps are one among those chef hats but there is a big list when it comes to chef hats so better when the chef thinks about buying it going with the help of a guide to chef’s hats will be a great option.

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