Our mission is very simple: to bring you the most honest and trustworthy opinions on where to eat around the world.

Real people, with real opinions

Our restaurant reviews and guides are all written by a small group of highly trained, highly opinionated writers and editors. They eat out a lot. More than they probably should.

Honest and trusted reviews and guides

How we do what we do.

01 Show up unannounced
Our team always dines anonymously under excellent aliases.
02 Pay for everything
We never accept free meals, reservations, compensation, or special
 treatment of any kind from any restaurants. Everything is paid for via our very own pockets.
03 Call it like we see it
After a few visits, we’ll write up our thoughts in the form of a review, guide, or listing. Our goal is always to be honest at all costs, and to help you make good decisions about where to spend your money.

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Our story

We love what can happen around the restaurant table. And since 2002 we’ve been committed to empowering that experience. From helping restaurants of all sizes thrive, to enabling diners to find and book the perfect table for every occasion, our story is one of human connection—among diners and restaurants, and between restaurants and their communities.

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