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What is the correct dress code for food handling staff?

These days almost all of the fields are having a separate dress code to be followed the reasons behind this dress code is to maintain uniformity among their staff. Most of the people are thinking dress code after schools or colleges is a useless thing but the truth is this is the thing which puts all the staffs equal. As said earlier the dress code of each field varies according to their functions, especially the restaurant employee dress code is completely different from other field’s dress code.

Restaurant staff dress code

Here is the correct dress code for food handling staff, which helps you in knowing about it;

When you get into the high-end quality hotels there the first thing which you can observe is the uniform of the restaurant staff. The main reason behind the uniform for restaurant staff is to maintain the hygienic environment and each time after use it should be cleaned that is washed.

correct dress code


In any field, hair control is the only common thing. In this case, think how strict the hair control will be in the restaurants. To avoid the hair falling on the foods or getting any damages when the cooks are never on the burner it should be covered with the help of the hats. For girls, it should be put inside the hat and for boys, they shouldn’t have a beard.

Not only the outfits, there is control on the footwear also. The restaurants are not that IT companies this is the place where people come to eat food in that case it is the restaurant staff’s responsibility to ensure the safety and hygiene of the environment due to this there is a control on footwear’s. The accumulation of dirt on footwear brings the microorganisms in to avoid these footwear rules are followed strictly.

Usually compared to the girls the boys never wear makeup or any jewels. But still, men or women when you are working inside the restaurants you should not wear jewels or heavy make-up on your duty time. But you can wear a few things like rings, nail colors and watches.

Dress code is very important but along with the dress code, the behavior of the restaurant staff is more important. They should be polite and this also comes under the guidelines of the restaurant staff, so never forget it.

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